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Serious lack of power ups. At least for the fighter. Made it to wave 16 and had one bomb drop and a shield charge.

It's a good game just need some weapon power ups and add a boss to fight every about 10 waves.

the fun of starfox 64 in a top down shooter fantastic graphics really enjoyed playing in the browser on android

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There are only 3 ships for me

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Do you want to submit this game to the HTML5, CSS3 or JavaScript Game Jam? With a game this good, you could win


It starts in 14 days.


And the Gunnship and fighter need more Drops!





the "fighter" ship is very addictive! by against explosions are very strong, we lose in full contact ...
shame you can not play a joystick!)

a very good shooters!


Hi, thank you for your review!


nice game the gfx are nice the fire sound is little loud


Hi, thanks for your review! I'll see if I can lower the sounds for future versions.